Types of cybercriminals

In General, cybercriminals are called hackers. In this community, four different hackers exist. They are: Pure hacker...

In General, cybercriminals are called hackers. In this community, four different hackers exist. They are: Pure hacker, the cracker, the Phreaker and the Cypher Punks. Stories and anecdotes concerning piracy and intrusion into computer systems are have become more and more rampant

1 - Pure Hackers

Hackers are individuals who get access to computer systems that contain private or sensitive information. It is a 100% difficult to secure these systems against attacks. Not only technical genius can make a difference among hackers but the perseverance and effort you put to learn this art called hacking. This explains why there are competent hackers among those claiming to be hackers. Most of these people have a certain degree of financial backup and they spend their time wondering around networks. Like the case of a student for example who is given financial assistance by his parents. Pure Hackers do not care whoever it may be. Unfortunately, any attempted intrusion is considered as hacking. They do not inflict damage or penetrate these systems, but this does not mean they are protected from any legal action. Indeed, it remains illegal to break into a computer system. In addition, the hacker can cause damage involuntarily because of his inexperience. There is also hierarchy in a community of pure hackers.


a) Curious Joe: These are people who master their art so much so that they can hardly make errors.  Telnet and FTP sites brought about the origin of this art. Curious Joes intend to test their findings and their tools without ill-intentions. Due to their inexperience they are at times involuntarily adverse


 b) Script Kiddies: Through sites like astalavista.box.sk and many others, one can find many hacking programs to be used. These people have as goal to interfere in these already made programs. It gives them a feeling of incomparable power compared to the time they use to harm (favorable efforts/pleasure ratio). They are despised by real hackers.


c) The Wannabes: These are new forces of hacking. These people have as ambition to search for knowledge in the hacking milieu. Their wish is to become elites. Most often, they put to practice efforts to ameliorate already existing hacked scripts. Once these wannabes develop their own scripts, they become elites.


d) Elites: This category has several subdivisions. They include:

 White Hats: These are security consultants, administrative networks and even cyber police. They have a professional sense of ethics. What they like in the hacking is a subtle mixture of challenge, game, pride and money.

 Black Hats: These people are a nuisance in the hacking family. They are cybercriminals: they create viruses, cyber spies, cyber terrorists and cyber crooks.

 Grey Hats: They somehow belong to the same category as the two above. They are not reluctant to penetrate systems and they don't want to disorganize everything too.

2. The Cracker

The term "cracker" applies to criminal hackers. These people take advantage of their computer skills on grounds to get financial benefit, to harm individuals or organizations. Crackers exist in different forms. It ranges from the "small hit" to Government cyber-terrorism through organized crime, the Russian mafia and drug cartels. All these crackers are soldiers in the war of information. Their number keeps growing more and more value from information in the economic war.


It applies more especially to individuals who specialize in hacking telephones and international networks. Their activity may and may not be considered as been criminal. Their main occupation is to root telephone - telephone tapping there by cutting some network lines. These skills often permit them to escape from the police. Fraud telephone operators do this for fun and to win money. Many real hackers are phreakers since they deduct the cost of their telephone bills and continue skimming off networks in a more serene way. The emergence of the Internet and the significant fall in the costs of Telecommunications has remedied a great part to this problem. Nevertheless, there are phreakers who still take up the challenge to hack telephone networks.

4 - Punks cyphers

These are experts and masters of encryption (encryption / decryption of data).

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