Organic powers

The statutory powers of ANTIC are defined in section II of chapter II of Decree No. 2012 / 180, April 10, 2012, on the organization and functioning of the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies.

 In order to ensure her mission, ANTIC has the powers of surveillance, investigation, injunction, coercion and sanction.

As such, ANTIC has been empowered by the state:

  • To grant employees access to premises or land by means of transport for professional use, demand any professional communication document and get a copy, collect by invitation or on the other hand information and justification;
  • To make known cyber-crimes which may only be proven  by systematic control, which can only be revealed by control in the sector, by judicial police officers and officers  mandated and commissioned for that purpose;
  • Collect information, financial statements and documents among operators and network operators, certification authorities, security auditors, security software vendors, other security service providers and suppliers of security services as part of their agreement and specifications to ensure compliance with these obligations imposed upon them by the force of law of regulations;
  • Resolve disputes on one hand, between certification authorities, providers of security services of information network systems between and end users;
  • Impose or propose sanctions to certification authorities, providers of security services, security auditors and security software publishers who do not comply with the regulatory force;
  • Take precautionary measures necessary to ensure the continuity of the service and protect the interests of users.

The Agency has a committee to handle disputes between accredited certification authorities, Security Auditors, security software vendors and other authorized security service providers. A particular text of the Board of Directors of the Agency establishes the organization and functioning of the Committee.

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