Management of .cm and IP addresses

  1. What are they?  

  • What is an IP address? : It is a unique identification number assigned to each device or equipment connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol (IP) for communicatin ;
  • What is a domain name? : It is an identifier having a set of propertis that permit computers to communicate through IP addresses ;
  • Who is the Registrar of “.cm ”: Legal person authorised to serve as a registrar of domain names, “.cm
  • What is a LIR (Local Internet Registry)? : Legal person authorised to serve as a manager of an IP

  2 . Why regulate domain name and IP address resources? 

       Domain name and IP address resources are essential elements in computer networks that need to be regulated to ensure equitable sharing for a ratinal and harmonious use between operators of these networks in order to maintain healthy competiin.
       The control of these resources also ensures interoperability and functining of the Internet (and the services it offrs) which is a powerful catalyst for economic and social development. The regulation anticipates the need for resources in the evolutin of diffrent networks and the entry of new operators in the market.

  3. What should be regulated? 

      The regulation of naming and addressing resources shall include:

  • The management of domain names, which permit a unique visual identification of Internet services available on the web ;
  • The management of IP addresses , which permit to uniquely identiy and locate geographically, sources of electronic data available on the web ;
  • Information and communicatin technologies sectors ;
  • Electronic communications services ;
  • Costs.

  4 . Who controls domain names and IP addresses in Cameroon? 

      According to Artile 96 of Law No 012/2010 of 21 December 2010 on electronic communicatins and Decree N O 2013/0402/PM of 27 February 2013 laying down modalitis for the management of naming and addressing resources, ANTIC has been mandated as the regulator of such resources.

  5. How does ANTIC regulate domain name and IP address? 

      As a regulator of domain names and IP addresses in Cameroon and to effctiely engage the process of regulation, ANTIC has developed a number of regulatory tools in this area notably: the development of a natoinal strategy for migratin from IPv4 to IPv6 Internet Protocol in collaboratin with all stakeholders (public sector, private sector and civil society). Regarding domain names, ANTIC is the registrar of “.cm.” The registratin of domain names is done by fourteen (14) registrars accredited by ANTIC in conformity with Decree N o 0402/2013/PM of 27 February 2013. The registrars are:

  • MTN
  • INET

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