IGF.CM - 18: Cameroon reflects on ways to fight against the propagation of fake news online

16 May 2018
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As Cameroon's Internet stakeholders debate on policy issues

patterning to this new technology within the framework of this year's National Internet Governance Forum, dubbed IGF.CM-18, in Ebolowa, South Region of the country,concerns have been raised on the propagation of fake news and state classified documents on the social media. This illicit practice which is gaining and alarming upsurge in the country is a potential menace to public order and state security, Dr. Ebot Ebot Enaw, Director General of Cameroon's ICT promoter - the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies, ANTIC, underlined in a keynote address at the opening of the forum, 14 May, 2018.

Addressing participants at the three-day forum, Dr Ebot launched an appeal for Internet users in the country to adopt a healthy and secured culture in  the usage of this technology endowed with life changing opportunities. He admonished legal and technical actors to work in synergy in a bid to build an ethical cyber culture that favours the security of the country's cyberspace.

While highlighting that "security issues could erode confidence and trust which users need in order to do business on the Internet," Dr. Ebot Ebot Enaw, enjoined the forum stakeholders to profoundly "examine issues related to Internet security given that it is a key element in building confidence and trust among users of ICTs."

The forum in its sixth edition is holding under the banner "Protection of sensitive data and fight against fake news on the Internet," and has convened over 300 stakeholders drawn from the government, civil society, academia and technical community.

Participants at the forum will for three days running, address six related themes while maintaining a focus on the development dimension of the Internet in the country. The themes concerned are: fake news, protection against harmful Internet usage, boosting the security of sensitive data in our cyberspace  and emerging solutions such as cloud computing and crypto currency. 

At the end of this annual forum, a common position on all issues tabled for discussions shall constitute Cameroon's stance on Internet governance and shall be presented at the Sub-Regional and Regional Internet Governance Forums in prelude to the global IGF later this year.

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